Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

The purpose of this one day course, is to fine-tune a driver’s skills. PDIC is a course taught from the perspective of the professional truck driver, not the perspective of a car driver or teacher. This course is not for new drivers or inexperienced drivers; it is for professional, experienced truck drivers. It is recommended that participants have at least one year professional truck driving experience before enrolling in this course.

Developed by the AMTA, this course consists of nine modules, covering topics such as:

  • Attitude, image, and public relations
  • Fatigue, alertness, and driver condition
  • Vehicle condition
  • Air brakes
  • Professional defensive driving
  • Passing, following, and stopping
  • Determining preventability
  • Adverse conditions
  • Backing

This course challenges the preconceived notions that experienced drivers already possess.

COMPANY BENEFITS of having your drivers take the PDIC course include:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Collisions
  • Reduced Sick Leave, Insurance and Other Benefit Payments Related to Traffic Collisions.
  • Reduced vehicle abuse and maintenance costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged product
  • Increased morale

Please note: Certification for this course expires 48 months from the date of issue. If PDIC certification is part of LCV certification, LCV certificates expire 12 months from date of issue, at which point employers must review all current regulations, permit conditions, and issues covering the operation of LCVs prior to re-certifying LCV drivers.**

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Course Fees:

MTA Member: $250.00 (plus GST) = $262.50

Non-member $350.00 (plus GST) = $367.50

*To obtain a certificate to operate LCVs, drivers must complete the PDIC course, the 4 hour LCV training course (including driving techniques, regulations & permits) and the 3 hour road test (including LCV driving and coupling/uncoupling equipment).* **Road tests are booked by appointment.**