Membership Benefits

MTA provides many tangible and intangible benefits to its members.

The Manitoba Trucking Association exists to advocate, support, and educate to ensure a safe and healthy business environment for the trucking industry. Through this mission, the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) provides many tangible and intangible benefits to its members.

The MTA is recognized as the voice of trucking in Manitoba. There have always been, and will continue to be, issues confronting our industry, and we will continue to address them. Under the direction of the MTA’s Board of Directors, we advocate on behalf of Manitoba’s trucking industry to ensure that the needs of the trucking industry are not overlooked.  We have consulted on items varying in scope from road construction detours to the provincial carbon tax, driver training to infrastructure issues.

Our members determine the direction of our lobbying efforts. We lobbied for and won improved operational efficiencies for long combination vehicles in the West, an expanded provincial LCV network, the extension of the MPI Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program, and the Efficient Trucking Program. We also saw our infrastructure priorities recognized as provincial priorities, as well.

Our association, in conjunction with other provincial trucking associations and the Canadian Trucking Alliance, has and will continue to promote our industry and to lobby governments at all levels on matters that affect our industry. We work with local, provincial, national, and international governments on behalf of the trucking industry.

The MTA is a resource to our members by answering their questions, providing them with information or identifying additional sources of information to them on any issues related to trucking.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a say in the direction of our industry? Join the MTA for an opportunity to experience industry involvement on a whole new level.

Membership in the MTA also brings a variety of tangible benefits, including:

MTA Communications

One of the advantages of membership in the MTA is that you no longer have to go searching for information; we ensure that the information comes to YOU. If regulations are changing, or even if there is discussion about pending regulatory changes, MTA members are the first ones to find out. To ensure that your members are up-to-date on everything that is going on in our industry, we have three levels of communications:

  • Email distribution lists are used on a number of specialized topics, from bulk and heavy haul to finance. Our members can sign up for these distribution lists, and something happens that our members need to immediately know about, we contact those members on these specialized lists to ensure that the information is going to the correct person.
  • eBulletins allow us to keep our members informed in a timely fashion of what’s happening in our industry. These eBulletins usually have a variety of news items in them, as well as a listing of upcoming MTA and RPM events and courses.
  • Monthly MTA newsletter allows us to share in detail what the Association has been up to over the course of the past month.  From front-page news of events impacting Manitoba’s trucking industry to advocacy updates to messages from the MTA President or Executive Director, the goal of the newsletter is to report back to our members so they can see, each month, the value of their membership in the MTA.
  • Western Canada Highway News magazine, the official magazine of the trucking associations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, is also distributed to MTA members. The magazine is published quarterly and provides leading-edge, timely information on business practices, technology, trends, new products/services, legal and legislative issues that affect professionals in Western Canada’s trucking industry. MTA supplier members are listed in the annual Buyers Guide.


A Valuable Resource

We know the industry’s fast pace, and we know how hard it can be to find the information that you need in order to get through the day. The MTA is a resource for you, like having an extra person in the office.

We have many established relationships, such as with government and other relevant organizations, that we regularly access on behalf on members to help our industry grow smoothly and safely. Also, we can access these relationships and resources anonymously, without drawing attention to your company.

We are also involved in the community and liaise many opportunities for our members.


Savings on Products and Training

The MTA has established relationships with a variety of industry suppliers to provide value-added benefits to our members. You could save hundreds of dollars annually on current expenses just by becoming a member.


Networking Opportunities

An important part of MTA membership for our Associated Trades Division (ATD) members is having the opportunity to meet with our carrier members. We host several events throughout the course of the year, from barbecues to awards dinners, that will provide you with the opportunity to meet our other members and promote your company.


Opportunities to Promote Your Company

Members of the Associated Trades Division receive free listings in our annual Buyer’s Guide (circulation: 2,500) and Trucking Guide for Shippers (circulation: 2,000).

Only ATD members of the MTA can advertise in our monthly newsletter.

We only promote our members. When we receive calls for a specific service, we only provide information for member companies. Contact us to find out more about benefits of being an Associated Trade Member.

The MTA maintains and continues its efforts through the financial support of its members.