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PDIC: Professional Driver Improvement Course (Recertification)




​​The purpose of this course is to fine-tune a driver’s skills. PDIC is a course taught from the perspective of the professional truck driver, not that of a car driver or teacher. Developed by the MTA, this course consists of nine modules, covering topics such as:

      • Lesson 1: Attitude, Image & Public Relations
      • Lesson 2: Road Safety & Road Rage
      • Lesson 3: Driver Fitness, Fatigue & Alertness
      • Lesson 4: Vehicle Condition
      • Lesson 5: Air Brakes
      • Lesson 6: Professional Defensive Driving Techniques
      • Lesson 7: Passing, Following & Stopping
      • Lesson 8: Determining Preventability
      • Lesson 9: Adverse Conditions
      • Lesson 10: Backing


Tips to Navigate This Course

This course proceeds in a linear fashion (Lesson 1, then Lesson 2, and so on).  You will see that some lessons have quizzes.  You must complete the quiz in order to move on in the course.  Once you complete a question, click either the “Next Question” or “Finish Quiz” button, depending on the number of questions.  Once your results are calculated, click the “Click Here to Continue” button (NOT “Next Lesson”) to ensure your quiz results are recorded.

All quizzes must be completed before the Final Test is attempted.  To confirm you have completed all of the lessons, check the menu on the right hand side of the page (if on a desktop).  If the circles on each lesson are red, you have completed the lessons and are ready for the final test!


Getting Started

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