Want To Reduce Red Tape In Trucking?
Feb 16, 2017

On January 23, 2017, marked the beginning of Red Tape Awareness week.

The Deputy Premier Heather Stefanson stated “Our government is committed to reducing unnecessary barriers for businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations and all Manitobans.”

As a result of the above commitment, there has been a Manitoba Red Tape Reduction Task Force assembled and the MTA has been selected to participate. The MTA has met with the newly formed task force and discussed solutions to some important functions that take place on a daily basis, within our growing industry.

Example topics discussed, but not limited to:

  • Manitoba Safety Rating and Carrier Profile Systems
  • Licensing a Truck
  • Truck Safeties
  • Hiring or Employing a Commercial Truck Driver

If any of our members are wishing to read the submission paper in regards to Opportunities to Reduce Red Tape in the Trucking Industry are encouraged to contact:

Terry Shaw

Manitoba Trucking Association

204 632-6600