Voluntary Quarantine Measures For The Trucking Industry
Mar 13, 2020

Canadian Trucking Alliance Public Statement on Voluntary Quarantine Measures for Leaving the Country

These are unprecedented times for Canadians. The Canadian Trucking Alliance supports the Government of Canada and all provinces in every way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

However, yesterday provinces began issuing statements regarding quarantine recommendations for Canadians leaving and returning to Canada. Our economy depends on trade with the United States – 70 percent of which is moved by the trucking industry and includes all essential products Canadians depend upon in these uncertain times, including medical and sanitation supplies fighting this virus as well as other emergency relief and food products.

The trucking industry and its drivers are an essential service. Self-quarantines for drivers leaving the country, who have not tested positive for the virus, would bring our economy to a grinding halt and jeopardize the public safety of Canadians. It is essential that distinctions are maintained between voluntary travel by the general public and those operating in vital international and domestic commerce. CTA would ask all levels of government examining their quarantine policies involving international travel and domestic trade to keep in mind that truck drivers are an essential service. The unintended consequences of not specifically considering this job class and its international travel requirements as an essential service could be catastrophic for the economy.

If you are a member of the Manitoba Trucking Association and would like more information or instructions on how to better connect with your Provincial Government.

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