Update on Driver Medical Access, Testing
Dec 7, 2020
 Delivery Man Reading Addresses Sitting In Delivery Van

We want to share a couple of important updates relating to driver health:

  • Medical access for drivers – we have been working on this issue for some time, and were pleased to share with members last week that we heard from Shared Health in a positive way. They sent a letter to doctors in Manitoba reminding them that truck drivers are essential workers who should not be denied service due to their work. If a doctor is unable to provide service to a driver due to PPE issues, they are to refer the driver to another service provider or clinic. In return, they have asked that drivers call ahead to ensure the clinic/provider has adequate PPE in order to safely provide service. Full letter from Shared Health.
  • Asymptomatic testing of drivers – members will remember that, when there was excess COVID-19 testing capacity in Manitoba, asymptomatic testing was available for commercial drivers due to their work taking them out-of-province. As that situation has evolved the past few weeks, the Province of Manitoba has requested that employers not send asymptomatic employees for testing any longer.