Thank A Truck Driver
Mar 30, 2020

Due to COVID-19, It is becoming apparent how important a Truck Driver is to the comfort and safety of our everyday lives. Whether it is our groceries, cleaning products or sanitization products, a Truck Driver is the reason we have access to it. Although life for us all has taken a drastic turn, Truck Drivers are continuing with their duties as they always have.

Truck drivers are essential in keeping the supply chain open in North America. It is important that the health and safety of our truck drivers remains one of our highest priorities, so If you’re a business owner that supports trucking and are closing your facilities to Truck Drivers, please reconsider. Truck Drivers need warm food, bathroom facilities for basic needs, hand washing and a safe place to rest.

Please consider, while we are home and keeping our families safe and comfortable, a Truck Driver is NOT! They are putting our needs before their own and that deserves our respect and appreciation.

There has been an out pouring of appreciation for Truck Drivers, via our website and social media. we would like to share some of those messages with you. Truck Driving shouldn’t be a thankless job. If you would like to Thank A Truck driver, you are welcome to send an email to

or via social media and use #ThankATrucker


Twitter: @TruckingMB


Messages Shared:

Hello there,

“Please spread this message.I keep hearing more and more stories about truckers being denied food, drink or the use of a bathroom.It breaks my heart.These men and women put in really long hard days and fight exhaustion all the time.They too carry worries of the current situation and leave family behind to do their job.While we are at home self-isolating, they too work in isolation but they are driving directly through and into the fire storm of COVID-19 to deliver the essentials to keep people and this nation going.They are the knights of the road and deserve our highest regard.Please do what you can to get them a coffee, some food.Let them use the bathroom to freshen up.We are depending on them more than ever before.”

Monica Chmielnicki

“As I sit in my home and practice what the government is telling us to do, I can’t help but think of all the angels in trucks keeping us supplied.My dad work in the trucking industry for years (Arnold Brothers for the bulk of his career).I can only imagine how proud he would be of all of you.Truckers, and staff keeping our world turning.It is with the utmost respect that I say “Thank You from the bottom of my heart”.If this message could get passed on to the front line people I would really like them to know that there are people Who are very grateful for what they are doing in our time of need.”


Erin Wasylyk



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Dean Stanton

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