Summer Safe Driving Tips
May 31, 2020

As we approach summer and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions continues, we would like to share a few safety-related items for your consideration:

  • with the warm weather comes an increase in holiday travellers. This is going to look very different this year as holiday travel outside the country and even outside the province may be discouraged. However, anticipate an uptick in the number of people heading to cottages and campgrounds, as well as getting out for day trips. Please pass with caution, and be aware and considerate when being passed.
  • schools in Manitoba are re-opening June 1. While school isn’t the same as it was a few months ago, open schools and playgrounds means school zone traffic regulations are back in effect. As well, an irregular school schedule means drivers need to be extra vigilant for children, who aren’t always traffic-aware, playing outdoors every day.
  • summer construction season is underway, so make sure you are slowing down in construction zones per the posted speed limit.
  • as always, slow down and move over when passing emergency vehicles (slow down to 40 km/h on roads where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h, and slow down to 60 km/h if the speed limit is 80 km/h or more. On multi-lane highways, drivers must also move to the next lane if able to do so safely and pass only if it is safe).
  • Spring Road Restrictions have ended or will be ending soon, as members were advised in last week’s member notice.

Drive safely, and take care!