PTH 59 Upgrades welcomed by the Manitoba Industry
Sep 3, 2015

Today the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is pleased to have been
asked to participate with Premier Selinger, Chris Lorenc of the Manitoba Heavy
Construction Association (MHCA) and other guests to announce the beginning of
construction on the interchange of PTH 59 and PTH 101.

economy is growing and investments in our transportation infrastructure will
help keep it on track to continue creating more jobs,” Premier Selinger
said. ‘œThis new interchange will make
travel faster and safer, which will be a huge benefit, not only for commuters,
but also for tourists and the commercial traffic that contribute so much to our

Terry Shaw, Executive Director of
the MTA said ‘œ’œInvestments in our provincial road and bridge infrastructure
provide for improved and more productive pathways for those in the trucking
industry. While these improvements are
obviously good for our industry, Manitoba’s economy as a whole is very trade
focused, and this means investing in our provincial infrastructure affords
benefit to all Manitoba industry.
Strategic investments in infrastructure, such as the work being done on
PTH 59, allow our economy as a whole to operate more efficiently which has
significant benefits on safety, the environment as well as the obvious economic

Lorenc, President of the MHCA said ‘œThe announcement today is not just about
building more highways and overpasses, it’s about equipping our trade-reliant
economy with a transportation system that makes us more productive and

$204-million contract was awarded to Flatiron Construction Canada Ltd. after a
competitive bidding process and it is expected the project will create the
equivalent of 2,320 jobs and be completed by the fall of 2018, Premier Selinger


For more information, please contact:

Terry Shaw

Executive Director

Manitoba Trucking Association