Aug 17, 2017

August 17, 2017

Premier Brian Pallister today announced the appointment of deputy ministers to support the recent changes in the provincial government.

‘œI’m confident these senior managers will provide the expertise and effort we need to meet our outcomes,” said the premier. ‘œTheir contributions are integral to our work and I am joined by my colleagues in offering my thanks for their service.”

The following new appointments have been made:
‘¢ Fred Meier ‘“ clerk of the executive council and cabinet secretary;
‘¢ Jim Hrichishen ‘“ deputy minister of finance (continues) and associate clerk of executive council (new);
‘¢ Angie Bruce ‘“ deputy minister of Indigenous and northern relations and deputy minister of municipal relations;
‘¢ Grant Doak ‘“ deputy minister of Crown services;
‘¢ Julie Frederickson ‘“ deputy minister of sport, culture and heritage;
‘¢ Dave Dyson ‘“ acting deputy minister of growth, enterprise and trade;
‘¢ Rob Olson ‘“ deputy minister of sustainable development, effective Sept. 5;
‘¢ Bramwell (Bram) Strain ‘“ deputy minister of infrastructure;
‘¢ James (Jamie) Wilson ‘“ deputy minister of education and training; and
‘¢ Dave Wright ‘“ deputy minister of justice and deputy attorney general.

The assignments of existing deputy minister are:
‘¢ Michael Richards ‘“ deputy cabinet secretary and deputy minister of intergovernmental affairs;
‘¢ Dorynne (Dori) Gingera-Beauchemin ‘“ deputy minister of agriculture;
‘¢ Jay Rodgers ‘“ deputy minister of families;
‘¢ Karen Herd ‘“ deputy minister of health, seniors and active living;
‘¢ Nancy Carroll ‘“ acting civil service commissioner; and
‘¢ Paul Beauregard ‘“ secretary to treasury board.

The premier thanked Lance Vigfusson for his dedication and commitment to Manitobans over his more than 30 years of service, and congratulated him on his retirement. The premier also thanked Bruce Gray for providing leadership and expertise as acting deputy minister of sustainable development.

If you would like more information on the above, please contact:

Terry Shaw

Executive Director

204 632-6600