MTA Warns Shippers, Consumers to Expect Delays, Cost Increases Due to Flooding
Apr 22, 2013

The Manitoba Trucking Association is warning shippers and consumers that they should expect delivery delays and price increases as a result of anticipated flooding in southern Manitoba this year, particularly that of Highway 75 between Winnipeg and Emerson.


“Based on our estimates, it costs the trucking industry an additional $1.5 million for every week that Highway 75 is shut down.  Now, flood forecasters are predicting that the 2013 flood could rival that of 2009, which saw Highway 75 close for 38 days.  That means that the estimated additional cost to the trucking industry will be in excess of $8 milion dollars.  Unfortunately, that cost is ultimately passed along to the consumer,” explained MTA Executive Director Bob Dolyniuk.  “Trucks are re-routed hundreds of kilometers every time Highway 75 is shut down due to flooding.  Shippers have to expect added time required for deliveries as a result.  Our trucks have to burn more fuel as a result of the detour, there is the added wear-and-tear on the trucks due to the extra mileage; all of those costs add up.”


“The Manitoba Trucking Association’s long standing position on the state of Highway 75 is that is must be re-built in such a way that it is not impacted by flooding.  Investment in this highway has been a priority for the MTA and its members for several years.  To be preparing for the closure of this highway due to flooding once again emphasises the long-known need to either better protect Highway 75 at Morris or find a reasonable and more direct alternative route,” added MTA General Manager Terry Shaw.