MTA Encouraged by Highway 75 Improvements, Looking Forward to Further Investment By Government
Oct 10, 2012

The recent renewal of Highway 75 through Morris has put a smile on the faces of members of the Manitoba Trucking Association. The renewal, which includes intersection improvements, new lighting and sidewalks, and enhanced drainage, was completed on October 9.

MTA Executive Director Bob Dolyniuk had this to say about the improvements: ‘œWe are always pleased when government invests in highway and bridge infrastructure in this province. Highway 75 is a major trade route for the trucking industry, so any investment in it is a good starting point. However, while new lighting and sidewalks are important, the reality is that the investment in Highway 75 has to be more than cosmetic. That route still requires significant improvement in order to prevent its regular closure and near-closure (and resulting detours) due to flooding. These closures and detours costs our industry with its added miles and longer transit times; however, it is ultimately the consumer who pays those additional costs. The sooner that trade route remains open year-round, the better it will be for everyone.”

The MTA estimates that the additional costs associated with the closure of Highway 75 due to flooding are at least $1.5 million dollars per week the highway is closed.