MTA Applauds Manitoba Governments Single Year Investment in Infrastructure
Jan 29, 2014

The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) welcomes the announcement of the largest single year investment in infrastructure, as the Manitoba Government ramps up highway and bridge upgrades in 2014.

“Investing in our highways means investing in the trade conduits that connect us to all of North America,” said Terry Shaw, General Manager of the MTA.  “These projects, and the other significant trade routes this government has committed to upgrading, are essential for us to do our job of connecting Manitoba wholesalers, manufacturers, contractors and farmers to markets across the continent.  We welcome the decision to expand investment in road and bridge infrastructure across Manitoba.”

Today’s announcement calls for 50 new projects in 2014, which include paving, culvert replacements, grading, bridge work and spot road improvements.  Shaw adds ‘œthese small but strategic investments are a staple in a successful infrastructure program.”



For more information, please contact:

Terry Shaw

General Manager

Manitoba Trucking Association