Manitoba Trucking Industry to Face Dire Labour Shortage
Jul 13, 2016


Government must step up to fund training, fill gap, says Association

WINNIPEG ‘“ Manitoba’s trucking pool will fall short of industry requirements by 3,385 drivers by 2026, according to a report released today by an independent think-tank.

Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table’s Labour Market Information Project says more than 177,375 jobs will need to be filled in four transportation sectors across the four Western Canadian provinces in the next 10 years.

Trade activity between North America and Asia will continue to drive the economy however the workforce in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will struggle to keep up, according to the report.

The Skills Table predicts Manitoba will face the most difficult hiring conditions of all provinces as it is expected to lose the largest number of workers to other provinces.

Terry Shaw, Executive Director of Manitoba Trucking Association, says the province is struggling primarily because of a lack of funding.

‘œWe need more than one new job a day, seven days a week, every week of the year for the next decade and we just aren’t doing what we need as a province to support the demand,” Shaw says. ‘œWe need to be recognized as a trade and have funding in place that matches the designation.”

Commercial trucking is currently designated a certified occupation, which is meant to grant prospective drivers support in attaining the proper training and skills to do their jobs safely.

What it doesn’t do is provide provincial funding for training, like is in place for trades like carpentry and plumbing. Prospective drivers pay approximately $8600 for their education ‘“ a big investment for those desperate for employment.

‘œThe workers our industry attracts don’t typically have $10,000 lying around in RRSPs or other savings,” Shaw says. ‘œThere was a shortage in other industries and the levels of government responded accordingly. We now need the same treatment to ensure goods that Canadians depend on can keep moving from coast to coast and beyond.”


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