Manitoba Trucking Association Board of Directors at Work for Industry
Mar 1, 2017

The MTA Board of Directors convened in February to discuss over 12 Industry topics of relevance to our rapidly growing industry, would you like to know what some of those discussions involved?

Carbon Pricing In Manitoba:

The MTA has been focused on the hot topic of Carbon Tax in
Manitoba and what that will look like for our industry. Our Executive has met with the Senior Advisor
on Climate Change for the Province of Manitoba. This was a very informative
meeting for everyone involved and great dialogue between the province’s
representative and our Executive. Discussions on strategies moving forward are
ongoing, along with the MTA’s white paper being amended to convey the impact of
Carbon Tax on our industry in Manitoba. Members wanting to access a copy of that white paper can contact the MTA

Plessis Road ‘“
Safety and Access:

It has always been the MTA’s
default position to support the safe and efficient flow of traffic. In our industry, we prefer the elimination of
traffic control devices and are in favor of underpasses and other means to keep
traffic moving. The MTA was approached
by a few members regarding access to the CN facility on Plessis road. After a review of the situation, it was
determined that a set of lights and a request for reduced speeds at the
intersection would be the most effective resolution. Staff will take this information and reach out to their contacts at the
City of Winnipeg. As we hear from our
contacts at the city we’ll keep members posted.

Road Safety and the Perimeter Highway:

Last year the MTA took a position in support of closing access to the Oak Bluff Industrial Park from the Perimeter Highway. The MTA’s position at the time stated:

‘œThe MTA supports making MacDonald Road a Truck Route and the intersection across the Perimeter Highway at Oakland road should be closed to crossing traffic.”

In support of this position MTA staff contacted the Reeve and staff of the RM of Macdonald. A meeting was held and the RM staff advised they are also concerned with safety at this intersection. They did however advise that they would not support in specific the MTA’s current position on this item. Macdonald Road at it is adjacent to a residential area and they also suggested the turn geometry is challenging.

An alternative was suggested, which was that heavy truck traffic be routed via a service road which can be accessed from the Wilkes overpass. The Board disagreed with that assessment however so conversations with the RM to solidify an alternative route are ongoing.

If you have any questions or information you wish to share, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Bunting Street

MB R2X 2P5

P: 204 632-6600