Manitoba Closer to Introducing a Weigh Scale Bypass Program
Nov 2, 2016

Manitoba Closer to Introducing a Weigh Scale Bypass Program

MTA Members Needed to Volunteer for Working Group

The MTA has been working alongside Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) to see how a Weigh Scale Bypass Program, otherwise known as an electronic screening (e-screening) program, can be implemented in Manitoba. We are excited by the progress that has been made to date.

E-screening uses Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology to allow carriers with approved safety records to bypass highway inspection stations. This will save driver time, reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions, speed up the flow of freight and allow governments to focus their enforcement resources. Other provinces have similar programs and we have been working to get Manitoba on board.

The MTA and MI will approach this issue by establishing a joint government/industry working group. This group will collect information, identify and assess the different options available and recommend to the MTA Board and Province of Manitoba the preferred option for implementation.

We are currently looking for members to volunteer to participate in this working group ‘“ it’s a great opportunity for our members to help improve safety and efficiency in the industry.

The working group will be holding its initial meeting November 30th from 1pm to 4pm.

Our approach to this program will be implemented using the following strategy:

1. Form a Manitoba Working Group

The Manitoba trucking industry will be initially represented by the MTA. Through the Policy Development Committee of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), we have already solicited other Canadian trucking industry associations for participating in potential regional or national e-screening initiatives. Once the MTA and MI agree that the plan is ready to share externally, we can continue to solicit participants.

2.Collect information from jurisdictions that are supporting similar programs.

Presentations will be solicited from:

– British Columbia’s Weigh2GoBC program

– Alberta’s Partners in Compliance (PIC) program

– International Road Dynamics (IRD ‘“ they designed and/or support all or some of the components of the BC and AB programs)

– Drivewyze

– Others that the working group deems necessary

3.Using the information collected, develop options for implementing an e-screening program in Manitoba.

4.Develop a consensus among working group members on the preferred option for implementation.

5.Obtain endorsements (MTA Board) and approvals (MI) to begin implementation of the program.

Again, our initial meeting is November 30th so any members looking to volunteer, or for more details on this project, are encouraged to contact Terry at the MTA office (204) 632-6600 or