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 Preparing for your Job Search  

Looking for the right job? The first step is to update your resume! A professional resume and cover letter ensures employers know you are qualified for the position.  

These templates can be found in Microsoft Word, amongst numerous other resumes and cover letters styles. The templates below have been filled in with fictional information showcasing an experienced driver (ATS Simple Classic Resume) and two driver examples with limited experience (Modern Chronological and Simple Bold). Edit these templates to reflect your personal qualifications and experiences. Don’t forget to change the contact info and double-check for typos!  

These resumes can also be repurposed for other positions, including Technician, Dispatcher, Administrative, and any other trucking industry position you may be interested in.  

ATS Simple Classic Resume  

ATS Simple Classic Cover Letter 

Modern Chronological Resume 

Modern Chronological Cover Letter 

Simple Bold Resume 

Simple Bold Cover Letter  


Looking for a job can be stressful; you send resumes and cover letters and wait for a company to reach out. Sending a follow-up message is a great way to be heard and recognized.  

Here is a customizable template that can be altered to suit your needs. Do not send this message immediately after applying. A time frame of one to two weeks is best.  


“Hello NAME, 

I hope you are doing well. I recently applied for [JOB TITLE] and wanted to inquire if you need any additional information from me. 

I can be reached through this email or by calling [Phone Number].  

Best regards,  




The Interview Process

When you receive the interview call, you are excited but may also be nervous. The cure? Preparation! Every minute of preparation and effort you put into your interview plan will improve your professionalism and presentation skills.  

Preparation starts with research! Click the link below to enjoy a step-by-step guide to prepare yourself.  

Preparing for an Interview

While every interview will be structured differently, some general questions are reused in almost every interview. For company-specific information, both Indeed and Glassdoor offer reviews and insights about a company from former employees. This can include information about the interview questions submitted by previous interviewees.  

The common questions below are widely used in various forms.  

Use these questions as a starting point. Write down an answer for each question, including achievements and experiences that make you the most qualified person for the job.  

Common Interview Questions


 Now that you know some common questions and have prepared answers for each, it’s time to practice. Interviews are not just about answering questions; your body language, tone of voice and attitude are observed from the moment you enter the property.  

Ask a friend or family member to review the questions and participate in mock interviews with you. Practicing ahead of time will lessen any anxiety you may have and increase your confidence.  

However, if you cannot enlist a friend or family member, follow the link below to record and review your answers to common questions.  

 Google Interview Warmup Tool


At the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions about the company, the culture, the interviewers, etc.  

Always ask questions at the end. This shows interest in the position and allows you to gain more insight into the company culture. Take the time to ask about working space, schedule, company culture and goals. Do not ask questions that have been answered during the interview.  

If you’re unsure what to ask, consider using the questions below to get you started.  

 Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

 Other Resources

Job hunting can be a stressful process. Taking care of your health during this crucial time in your professional life is essential. Below are some resources to help you navigate demanding times.  

 Reducing Stress and Managing Health

The Right Company for You

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