Is A Standardized Driver Training Program On The Horizon For Manitoba?
May 1, 2018


The Manitoba Trucking Association has been advocating for Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for new drivers in Manitoba for many years. The MTA remains committed, that the educational requirement be in line with the National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Although there is still lots of work to be done, the MTA is encouraged by the below announcement and look forward to working with the province, while moving towards MELT.

government of Manitoba is consulting on the implementation of a standardized
system of training and certification for commercial truck drivers,
Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced today.

‘œOur first priority is public safety on roadways and that is why we are
announcing that we have started work across government to consider how a
standardized system could work for the trucking industry,” Schuler said.
‘œThis is something the trucking industry has asked for and we want to work
together in a collaborative way to see how this would work in Manitoba.”

Work will be done across government through Manitoba Infrastructure, Manitoba
Education and Training, and Manitoba Public Insurance. A standardized
system of training would allow for a uniform standard for all truck drivers
across the province and would allow road safety to be the number one priority
in issuing licenses. Educators in the province already provide training,
approved by the province and Manitoba Public Insurance, to the current National
Occupational Standard. However, there is no current requirement for new drivers
to access this training.

Other jurisdictions, such as Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan, have either
already changed their standard or are in process of working and engaging with
stakeholders on upgrading to this standard.

‘œIt is clear that Manitoba needs to start this work to ensure that all
provinces are moving together on a standardized system of training,” Schuler
added. ‘œThis work is beginning immediately and we hope to move forward
with a plan of action as soon as possible.”

For More Information regarding MELT: Please Contact Terry Shaw 204 632-6600