Investing In Our Community Is Good For Business
Sep 12, 2017

Investing in our community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support our industry. Many people enjoy the intangible benefit of giving. Giving back to your community will not only give you a great feeling locally, but the comfort of at least trying to make the world a better place.

There are tangible benefits to giving back to the community as well. The most obvious example would be pending the amount of your monetary donation, you would receive a charitable deduction on your income tax. Promoting our industry and getting the word out about the positive impacts that trucking contributes daily, would be an excellent tangible while giving back to the community.

Partnering with a charity or to sponsor an event is great exposure to potential partnerships. Supporting charities and attending charitable events is an incredible opportunity for internal team building, while in a less formal atmosphere. In addition to visiting with associates at events, you are spending time with likeminded business people, while developing meaningful relationships and all the while helping those in need.

As successful members of the community our abilities to help those that are less fortunate is an opportunity to contribute to the common good. Sometimes you’re unable to contribute monetarily, however in those instances we can still donate our time and skillsets. Volunteering on a committee or with a local organization, is still an opportunity to give back and appreciate being a part of something worthwhile and noble.

As you may be aware, we just celebrated National Truck Week from September 3rd through September 9th. Locally the Manitoba Trucking Association hosted, co-partnered and participated in 5 events to help celebrate our industry and help give back to our community. With your support and unwavering commitment to our community, the MTA helped raise over a $100,000 for various charities within our community.

The MTA was taken aback this entire week with an incredible sense of pride and amazement. Pride of being part of an industry that is based on family, friends and amazed at the overwhelming sense of community and giving back. For all those who generously donated their time, money and pride’¦ A heartfelt Thank You from the Manitoba Trucking Association.