Driver Training Funding Program, Are You Participating?
Apr 23, 2018

After many years of advocating for publicly funded commercial driver training, the MTA is pleased to be partnering with the Province of Manitoba.Tuition funding for Manitobans wanting to train and work as Transport Truck Drivers, is in full swing and proving to be an incredible opportunity for our entire Industry in Manitoba.

Manitoba Education and Training through the Skills and Employment Partnerships branch has implemented a revised policy approach for supporting Class 1 truck driver training, under the Skills Development Program. This policy has been implemented as a one-year demonstration project with renewal dependent on an internal evaluation.

Under this revised policy, individuals who obtain a conditional offer of employment from an employer and a letter of acceptance from an accredited Class 1 truck driver training school will be eligible to receive 100% full tuition funding for truck driver training.There are also opportunities to leave existing employment in order to participate in this funded program. Other financial supports, including living allowances and other incidental costs, will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on individual need.

Since our member seminar back in February with Manitoba Education and Training, The program has funded over 60 drivers, which equates to $488,000 in funding for industry prospects. This is exciting news for our industry in Manitoba and will help address driver shortage.

The MTA staff is strongly encouraging our members to sponsor drivers and participate with the Driver Training Funding Program. If you’re unsure how to fully take advantage of this opportunity, please contact the staff at the Manitoba Trucking Association.

204 632-6600