Do you need help developing a Safety & Health Program?
Feb 8, 2016
Paulo Lacap

At RPM, we understand that developing an Occupational Safety & Health Program, can be a massive undertaking. The challenges of complying with all the health and safety requirements can be somewhat overwhelming, (not to mention time consuming) if you’re unsure on where to start.

This is why we have taken a new approach to training, by breaking down the required program elements, into individual workshops. Each workshop will focus on the specific components required for that particular program element. We will then provide you with the templates and assistance to complete that element during class, so you can take it back to your workplace and immediately incorporate it into your company’s safety program.

Our goal is build confidence within your organization, and provide you with the necessary training and tools, to create your own Safety & Health Program. After completing all the workshops under this section, you will have completed all the required elements (in class) to have a comprehensive Safety Program’¦ No need to hire a consultant!

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