CT plated rental vehicles used as PSV
Jun 17, 2015

Recently, representatives from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), Manitoba Infrastructure and Transpiration, the Manitoba Trucking Association, and motor carriers met to review the registration and operation of commercially registered trucks (CT plated) which are rented for less than 30 days and operated for PSV purposes. Some motor carriers have been operating commercially registered (CT) trucks for PSV purposes in accordance with a Manitoba Public Insurance’s U-Drive & Short Term Lease Trucks communication dated July 21, 2003.

As not all the information in this July 2003 communication is current or valid, effective immediately MPI revokes the U-Drive & Short Term Lease Trucks communication dated July 21, 2003 or any previous date. This document(s) should no longer be used as reference.

MPI advises that by policy (which is being reevaluated), Manitoba commercially registered trucks (CT plated) that are rented by motor carriers for less than 30 days may be used for PSV (for-hire) operations, provided:

  • the motor carrier carries a copy of the rental agreement confirming the truck is rented for a period that is less than 30 days, and
  • the motor carrier is the renter of the truck.

This policy increases the convenience and reduces cost to the motor carriers and rental companies of using a commercial rental vehicle as the vehicle does not need to be reregistered if it is rented to either CT or PSV motor carriers.

If the rental truck is not on IRP , the motor carrier must contact other jurisdiction(s) for the requirements of that jurisdiction to travel/operate in that jurisdiction for PSV (for-hire) purposes and comply with them. Also, if the rental has a gross vehicle weight in excess of 5,499 kgs and is travelling/operating beyond 161 kms outside of Manitoba, the motor carrier must also obtain a single trip certificate or single trip permit issued by the other jurisdiction(s) to travel/operate in that jurisdiction

Should your membership have any further questions, motor carriers may call 204-985-7775.



Dave Burns ,Manager, Licensing Services

Manitoba Public Insurance