City of Winnipeg Report Confirms Provencher Should Remain a Truck Route
Jan 31, 2014

WINNIPEG, MB ‘“ Friday January 31, 2014 ‘“ A City of Winnipeg report released late yesterday concludes the proposal to de-list Provencher Boulevard as a truck route is not only inconsistent with the guiding principles of the Transportation Master Plan, but has negative safety and other implications far beyond Provencher Boulevard.

The report contains the following highlights:

  • Winnipeg’s Regional Street system must accommodate numerous functional requirements; including urban goods movement.
  • Regional Streets are generally designated as Truck Routes.
  • Provencher Boulevard fulfills the Full Time Truck Route criteria.
  • The removal of Provencher Boulevard as a Full Time Truck Route would require trucks to use two possible alternate truck routes.
  • Both of those alternate scenarios are undesirable.
  • Marion Street east of Des Meurons is not well-equipped to accommodate additional truck traffic.
  • There is a higher proportion of ‘œResidential – Multi-Family” on Marion Street and Goulet Street versus Provencher Boulevard.
  • From a traffic safety perspective, it is undesirable to displace truck traffic from a higher class of facility to such a roadway (Des Meurons).
  • One of four strategies forming the basis of OurWinnipeg is the formalization of how transportation will be provided in Winnipeg for the next 25 years.
  • The proposed truck route re-designation of Provencher Boulevard would be inconsistent with this strategy.

Terry Shaw, General Manager of the Manitoba Trucking Association states ‘œwhile we don’t agree with their approach, we understand the intentions of certain citizens in the St. Boniface area who are attempting to improve their neighbourhood.  That said, we believe that their wants are far outweighed by the needs of the rest of the citizens of Winnipeg.  This report, authored by a City of Winnipeg Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, confirms that position.  Provencher Boulevard is a Full Time Truck Route and needs to stay that way.”




For more information, please contact:

Terry Shaw
General Manager
Manitoba Trucking Association