Announcing Jade Transport First to Achieve RPM’s SAFE Work Certification
Apr 7, 2017
Paulo Lacap

RPM ‘“ Trucking Industry Safety is pleased to announce the recent certification of Jade Transport Ltd. under the SAFE Work Certified standard for occupational safety and health. This certification recognizes Jade’s dedication and commitment to their safety program. Morgan Minter, Safety Program Advisor at RPM speaks to Jade’s efforts, stating ‘œJade values safety as much as quality and production. It’s simply how things are done”.

“The Manitoba Trucking
Association is a valued partner of SAFE Work Manitoba. We appreciate the work
the MTA does, through the RPM program, to keep members of the trucking industry
safe and healthy,” says Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer of SAFE Work
Manitoba. “We’re proud to welcome Jade Transport to the SAFE Work
Certified family.”

Jade Transport is the first Manitoba trucking company to achieve RPM’s SAFE Work Certification. RPM is committed to the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health in the trucking industry and require the same continuous improvement from companies who follow Jade’s lead in achieving certification. In its second year of operation, RPM is working closely with several more Manitoba trucking companies on their own safety certification. A growing number of Manitoba trucking companies are required to maintain safety certification in order to compete for contracts.