MTA Affiliations

Canadian Trucking Alliance

Suite 132, 130 Slater Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6E2

The 4,500 member Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is a federation of provincial trucking associations, whose mandate is to give the industry a more effective voice on national/international issues as the national trucking lobby in Canada. Under a revitalized partnership between the provincial trucking associations and the national association, all members of all provincial trucking associations are automatically members of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Trucking HR Canada

203-720 Belfast Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0Z5

Trucking HR Canada is committed to:
  • identifying the trucking and logistics industry’s Human Resources issues, trends, opportunities and challenges;
  • supporting the recruitment and retention of Human Resources needed to meet industry demands;
  • partnering on initiatives which impact Human Resources;
  • providing a national forum for gathering and sharing best practices, and;
  • promoting career opportunities and career paths in the trucking and logistics industry.

Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators

2323 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4K6

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) is the official organization in Canada for coordinating all matters dealing with the administration, regulation and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. CCMTA incorporates members from the Federal government and all Canadian Provincial and Territorial governments, as well as Associate Members from more than 250 transportation related organizations.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)

6303 Ivy Lane
Suite 310
Greenbelt, MD 20770-6319

CVSA is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their mission is to promote commercial motor vehicle safety and security by providing leadership to enforcement, industry and policy makers.

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

100-259 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3A5

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization representing business in the Winnipeg community. Incorporated as The Winnipeg Board of Trade by an act of the Provincial Legislature on March 8, 1873, the Chamber is older than the City of Winnipeg by six months. For over 125 years, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce ha

s served as the “voice of business”, ensuring that the business perspective is heard on the issues of the day. The mission of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is to foster an environment in which Winnipeg business can prosper.

Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

227 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2A6

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce is a provincial business organization incorporated under The Corporations Act of Manitoba. The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to strengthening the competitive enterprise system and the provincial economy through information delivery, services, and effective lobbying.

Infrastructure Council of Manitoba

1236 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0E7

The Infrastructure Council of Manitoba (ICM) is an association of industry associations, government agencies and educational institutions seeking to promote public and private sector awareness of the important relationship between sound management of, and investment in the infrastructure, and our quality of life.

Employers’ Task Force on Workers’ Compensation

700-305 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3J7

The mission of the Employers Task Force on Workers’ Compensation is to represent the interests of Manitoba employers by encouraging the workers’ compensation system to operate on sound insurance principles. ETF works on an ongoing basis with the Government of Manitoba to create an appropriate legislative framework, and with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to establish operating policies designed to deliver effective coverage in an affordable and cost-effective manner.

Trucks for Change Network

The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) and the Trucks For Change Network (TFCN), a national non-profit association of member trucking and logistics companies, joined forces to extend TFCN’s reach in facilitating transportation services to charities in MB and across Canada

Manitoba Employer’s Council

The Manitoba Employers Council (MEC), established in 1980, is the largest collective of individual employers and employer associations in Manitoba. MEC represents the interests of Manitoba employers in matters relating to employment, including: labour relations, human resource management, employment standards, and workers compensation and workplace safety and health.

Winnipeg Metropolitan Region

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) is comprised of 18 municipalities that include and surround the City of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region provides the platform for municipalities to work on projects that cross boundaries that support good growth, good stewardship and good governance. The WMR was originally formed in 1998 and legislated through the Capital Region Partnership Act in 2006, which gives the organization its mandate to set priorities in areas for planning, growing and servicing the region.

Other Provincial Trucking Associations

British Columbia Trucking Association

100-20111 93A Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 4A9

BCTA is a province-wide, non-partisan, non-profit motor carrier association formed solely to advance the interests of British Columbia motor carriers.

Alberta Motor Transport Association

#1, 285005 Wrangler Way
Rocky View, Alberta T1X 0K3

The Alberta Motor Transport Association is a province-wide, not-for-profit Association formed to provide a voice for the highway transportation industry in Alberta.

Saskatchewan Trucking Association

1335 Wallace Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 3Z5
(306) 569-9696

The mandate of the STA is to work with individuals, firms, partnerships, corporations, and government agencies to improve the trucking industry.

Ontario Trucking Association

555 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON M9W 1H8

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) was founded in 1926, and provides services and public policy advocacy for trucking companies hauling freight into, out of and within the Province of Ontario.

Quebec Trucking Association/Association du camionnage du Québec

6450, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Bureau 200
Montréal (Québec) H4C 1V4
(514) 932-0377

L’Association du camionnage du Québec est le plus grand regroupement d’entreprises de transport routier du Québec.

Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association

105 Englehart Street, Ste 800
Dieppe, NB E1A 8K2

As the collective voice of the road transport industry in Atlantic Canada, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association promotes the industry for the benefit of their members.

Other Trucking Associations

American Trucking Associations

950 North Glebe Road, Suite 210
Arlington, VA 22203-4181
(703) 838-1700

Founded in 1933, “ATA is a three-legged federation, consisting of the state trucking associations, the conferences, and the headquarters operations itself – which includes the ATA Councils. The organization’s name itself illustrates this: the American Trucking Associations – the ‘s’ emphasizes ATA’s plural nature.” Thus by virtue of the Federation, ATA and its affiliates represent the interests of nearly 37,000 trucking companies before the legislative, regulatory, and judiciary branches of state and federal government.