LCV Course for Drivers

Longer Combination Vehicles (LCV) Course for Drivers*

This Canadian Trucking Alliance course for experienced professional drivers is a professional development course in Manitoba. This course meets the regulatory requirements for LCV drivers in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, as well. This course consists of four hours in the classroom and a three hour road test**. There is a manual supplied by the MTA that participants can keep upon completion of the LCV course.

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Course Pre-requisites:

  • 150,000 km (or 24 months) driving experience on articulated vehicles
  • Minimum two years’ driving experience/150,000 km on articulated vehicles Class 1 license
  • or equivalent with an air endorsement
  • No driver-related criminal code offenses in that last three years
  • Every two years pass a provincial drivers’ medical examination in the province that issues the driver’s license
  • Attend and pass a Professional Driver Improvement Course
  • Have no more than two moving violations in the past year; and no more than three such violations in the past three years
Please note: A driver who does not operate a LCV for 12 consecutive months must have his certification re-newed.

*To obtain a certificate to operate LCVs, drivers must complete the PDIC course, the 4-hour LCV training course (including driving techniques, regulations & permits) and the 3-hour road test (including LCV driving and coupling/uncoupling equipment).*
**Road tests are booked by appointment and must be completed within 30 days of taking the LCV course**

**LCV Certification expires after 12 months, at which point employers must review all current regulations, permit conditions, and issues covering the operation of LCVs prior to re-certifying drivers. PDIC certification expires after 48 months.**

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Course Fees:

MTA members: $175.00 classroom (plus GST) = $183.75

MTA members road test: $200.00 road test (plus GST) = $210.00

LCV rewrite test $45.00 (as required, for both members and non-members)
Non-members: $300.00 classroom (plus GST) = $315.00

Non-members road test: $300.00 (plus GST) = $315.00