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Workplace Inspection Training

Introduction and Learning Objectives


This workshop is designed to give people a better understanding of what they are looking at during workplace inspections.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the requirements and the purpose(s) of a workplace inspection.
  • Know what they are looking for and how to identify a hazard.
  • The process of what to do when there are inspection findings.
  • Understand the process for implementing corrective actions and how to monitor and identify trends.


Course Overview
  • Lesson 1: Legal Requirements for Workplace Inspections
  • Lesson 2: Purpose and Responsibilities in Workplace Inspections
  • Lesson 3: Identifying Hazards
  • Lesson 4: Inspecting Lifesaving Equipment
  • Lesson 5: Health and Safety Board Requirements
  • Lesson 6: Workplace Inspection
  • Lesson 7: Corrective Action


There are questions that you need to answer correctly placed periodically throughout this workshop to verify understanding. A final test will need to be passed to complete this workshop.  A pass mark of 70% is required to obtain a certificate of completion for this course.

Tips to Navigate This Course

This course proceeds in a linear fashion (Lesson 1, then Lesson 2, and so on).  You will see that some lessons have quizzes.  You must complete the quiz in order to move on in the course.  Once you complete a question, click either the “Next Question” or “Finish Quiz” button, depending on the number of questions.  Once your results are calculated, click the “Click Here to Continue” button (NOT “Next Lesson”) to ensure your quiz results are recorded.

All quizzes must be completed before the final quiz is attempted.  To confirm you have completed all of the lessons, check the menu on the right hand side of the page (if on a desktop).  If the circles on each lesson are red, you have completed the lessons and are ready for the final test!


Click on “Key Terms” in the right menu bar to the right to get started!