ATD Social Responsibility Award

Recognizing MTA members making a difference in the community

What is social responsibility?

To behave ethically and contribute to society by creating social value.  By creating such value an individual or company would contribute to environmental issues, community service, innovation, diversity, sustainability and/or philanthropy.

This award will recognize an individual or company who has made an impact surrounding those values.  This award is only open to MTA member employees and companies in good standing.


How well the project or initiative meets the following criteria will be used to judge and score each submission. (Each of the criteria is weighted to produce a total score.)

  • Responsible: The project or initiative must be designed to specifically improve the social, environmental or ethical performance of the corporation/group or individual. (30%)
  • Demonstrable: The project or initiative must have achieved demonstrable social, environmental or economic outcomes in the community. (30%)
  • Sustainable: The outcomes achieved must be sustainable or replicable. (20%)
  • Collaborative: In designing, producing, executing or sharing of the project or initiative, the corporation/group or individual must have promoted collaboration within the industry, with other communities and/or industry partners. (20%)


Please complete the online nomination form below and include:

  • The scope of the project or initiative, its history, purpose and objectives (250-1000 words).
  • The outcomes achieved, including where applicable, the metrics and methodology used.
  • How the project or initiative meets the award criteria.
  • Reports, articles, photos and other material describing the project or initiative should be attached as supporting documentation.

Selection Process: 

A subcommittee will be formed of three people from the ATD Executive Committee and they will score the submissions based on the criteria scoring.


$2500 Monetary amount donated to a registered charity of recipients choice, acknowledging the award. (Receipt to MTA)

$500 Plaque or banner to recognize the company or individual

$2000 Video to be played at Fall Awards when presenting award

2 tickets to Fall Awards Gala for recipient

Nomination Form

First, choose an individual, group, or business from the drop down menu, then complete the application form with as much detail and supporting documents possible.