MTA Pleased with Infrastructure Announcements in Throne Speech
Nov 13, 2013

WINNIPEG, MB ‘“ November 13, 2013 ‘“The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is encouraged that the Manitoba Government has included plans to upgrade highway infrastructure in the Throne Speech.  Of note,  the multi-year reconstruction of PTH 75 to help protect the vital trade route from flood-related closures, major upgrades to the Trans-Canada Highway to Ontario, a new Trans-Canada Highway bypass around Headingley and major investments for the Perimeter Highway system.


“The MTA has been advocating for a long time for additional improvements to Highway 75.  When that route is shut down due to flooding the costs to our industry are significant” says Terry Shaw, General Manager of the MTA.  “There is an estimated $19 billion in truck trade that crossed the border at Emerson last year making it the 5th largest trade crossing in Canada.  Highway 75 is a critical conduit to the Emerson crossing so it is with great pleasure that we greet this announcement relating to these investments.”


 ‘œThese upgrades mean a flood won’t stop us doing our job of connecting Manitoba wholesalers, manufacturers, contractors and other businesses to trade across the continent.” adds Shaw.


‘œProjects which include improvements of  the Trans-Canada Highway to Ontario, the Perimeter Highway system and construction of Trans-Canada Highway bypass  at Headingley all contribute to enhancing the success of CentrePort Canada and of the trucking industry as a whole” says Shaw.






For more information, please contact:

Terry Shaw

General Manager

Manitoba Trucking Association