Manitoba’s Asymptomatic Rapid Test Screening Program
May 5, 2021
Truck Driver Behind the Wheel

Those interested in participating in the Asymptomatic Rapid Testing Program are asked to email and Manitoba staff will connect with them to find a solution that will work for their employees.

Manitoba’s Asymptomatic Rapid Test Screening Program


  • To roll-out an Asymptomatic Rapid Test Screening Program with targeted industry partners, using rapid antigen tests. The Program will act as a first line of defense in identifying asymptomatic cases to prevent outbreaks, limit community spread, increase public confidence and allow for sustained operations.


  • Province will support Industry partners by suppling up to 3 months worth of tests for the initial phase and based on results and COVID status will review for possible extensions.


  • Potentially capture asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in the workplace that would otherwise go undetected.

General Parameters:

  • Province would provide rapid tests and facilitate staff training to administer.
  • Test used: Abbott PanBio rapid antigen test (simple hand held test type with no device attached)
    • Specimen collected is by anterior nasal swab (less invasive than deeper swab currently received at regular testing stream sites as it does not go past the narrowing of the nose). Virtual training to administer will be provided through provincial coordination. Time-commitment for training will be minimal.
    • Tests can be self-administered.
    • Province will support workplace communications (e.g. key messages for staff; info on the device and program etc.)

Provincial ask:

  • Industry partners will need to be able to self-administer the program. At a high-level operationally, this would include:
    • ability to meet simple high level reporting requirements e.g. weekly reporting of # swabbed; # positives: # negatives will suffice. MB will provide the tool to report and will not require any specifics about individuals tested as part of the program.

Additional info:

Should someone test positive they would be considered a “presumptive positive”- organizations would need to follow routine processes for a symptomatic individual e.g. self-isolate; get a regular stream test to confirm the positive; follow public health advice etc