Manitoba Trucking Association Elects New Executive Committee, Board of Directors for 2013-2014 term
Mar 12, 2013

The Manitoba Trucking Association elected its Board of Directors and Executive at its Annual General Meeting held on March 12, 2013.

Members elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting include:

    • John Erik Albrechtsen, Paul’s Hauling Ltd.
    • Greg Arndt, Jade Transport Ltd.
    • Gary Arnold, Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.
    • Norm Blagden, Bison Transport Inc.
    • Jas Brar, 4Tracks Ltd.
    • Ron Cram, Cheval Transport Ltd.
    • Bruce Danylchuk, E.B.D. Enterprises Inc.
    • Jacques Desrosiers,   Jack’s Heavy Transport & Storage
    • Ed Dillon, Kleysen Transport LP
    • Bernie Driedger, Portage Transport Inc.
    • Jason Dubois, Len Dubois Trucking
    • Gilles Durand, Du-Vall Transport
    • Darrin Fiske, Kleysen Transport LP
    • Roger Gagné, Grote Industries
    • Borden Hadley, Smooth Freight Ltd.
    • Tobi Hadley, Smooth Freight Ltd.
    • Kyle Harris, Harris Transport Ltd.
    • Scott Kinley, Gladstone Transfer
    • Derek Lachaine, TransX
    • Marc Meyer, Meyer Bros. Trucking Ltd.
    • Michael Mourant, Rosewood Agrifoods Bulk Milk Haulers
    • John Oades, Beaver Truck Centre
    • Rick Ottenbreit, Searcy Trucking
    • Derek Rolstone, TransX
    • Dan Simcock, Prairie International Container & Dray Services Inc.
    • Kevin Small, Agri-Tel Transportation Inc.
    • Dave Tyrchniewicz, Turk Enterprises Ltd.
    • Tom VanDam, Big Freight Systems Inc.
    • Pauline Wiebe-Peters, Payne Transportation LP
    • Doug Witt, Gardewine Group Inc.
    • Steve Zokvic, Bison Transport Inc.

The Board of Directors also elected the Officers and Executive Committee members at this meeting for the 2013-2014 term.  Elected were:

  • President: Norm Blagden, Bison Transport Inc.
  • 1st Vice President: Greg Arndt, Jade Transport
  • 2nd Vice President: Gary Arnold, Arnold Bros Transport Ltd.
  • Additional members to the Executive Committee include:
  • Mr. John Erik Albrechtsen, Paul’s Hauling Ltd.
  • Mr. Doug Witt, Gardewine Group Inc.
  • Mr. Bernie Driedger, Portage Transport Inc.

Speakers at the meeting were The Honourable Steven Fletcher (Minister of State, Transport, Government of Canada) and The Honourable Steve Ashton (Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, Government of Manitoba).

The Manitoba Trucking Association exists to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for its industry members and has been doing so since 1932. First and foremost an advocacy group, the Manitoba Trucking Association is the voice of the trucking industry in Manitoba, comprised of Carrier members and Associated Trades members.