Fact Finding: Marijuana and Impending Legislation, Member Input Required
Jan 26, 2017

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), in collaboration with Trucking HR Canada, is engaging trucking employers across the country in a coordinated effort to identify support for the industry as it faces new challenges resulting from the impending legislation on the legalization of marijuana. This effort will also look to address the existing challenges brought forth by regulations around medical marijuana.

In advance of preparing recommendations for consideration by the CTA Board of Directors, we need engagement from key personnel ‘“ particularly HR and safety professionals.

  • We need employers to complete our survey
  • We are inviting employers to participate in a half-day session to review survey findings and prioritize recommendations. An invitation is attached, and we encourage people to register their attendance.

To complete the survey, please CLICK HERE

To register for the half-day session, CLICK HERE