Do you want trucking recognized as a skill?
Mar 31, 2017

Driving a truck is not formally
recognized as a skilled occupation. Many people are shocked to learn this. But
there is no mistaking it. Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC)
code ‘“which groups more than 40,000
occupations into one of four skill levels ‘“ lists truck drivers as ‘œlow

Why does this matter? A ‘œlow skilled”
NOC code limits the access to training and retraining funds. Experienced
drivers in other countries cannot be recruited through traditional immigration
channels. There is also a matter of pride. Everyone wants to be recognized for
the skills they bring to the job.

Every career ad that claims ‘œno
education required” or ‘œno experience necessary” it leads people to believe
that the job of a truck driver is easier than it really is. Potential recruits
are left with a negative opinion of the career.
Under-trained employees become discouraged when they are unable to secure work
with reputable carriers. Employers can change this situation. Canada makes
structural changes to NOC codes every 10 years, and researchers are now reviewing
job descriptions and career ads to identify the skills that the trucking
industry actually requires. The way you describe jobs today will demonstrate your actual needs.

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