‘Tis the season for heightened risks of electrical hazards
Nov 16, 2022
A closeup view of a wrapped orange extension cord featuring the

With the holiday season underway, people are plugging in lights, ornaments and extra holiday décor for all to enjoy. With this comes the extra risk of electrical fires. A few reminders when it comes to setting up and enjoying lights, displays and music safely.

When you are conducting pre- inspections of extension cords, outlets and power cords, you will take a look for the following:

  • Is there any tape on cords?
  • Are there any areas of cords that are frayed?
  • Are there any cuts in the cord that are showing wire?
  • Is the power bar overloaded/ full?
  • Are there power bars plugged into power bars?
  • Are there any extension cords used as permanent sources of power?
  • What does the area around the electrical panel(s) look like? Is the area(s) free from obstruction
  • What conditions are the receptacles in? Is there any sign of wear or burns?

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