​NO Mask Requirement When Alone in Truck Cabs in Manitoba
Nov 20, 2020
Image of masks placed on top of each other forming an X with red background

Truck drivers are not required to wear masks while alone in the cab of their trucks when in Manitoba.

It came to our attention that under the current provincial health orders, drivers may have been required to wear masks while in the cab of their trucks:

  • A specific fine of $298 is being put in place for not wearing a mask in a public place, which is required under the current public health orders. Enforcement officials can issue this fine.
  • Indoor public places mean an enclosed public place within the meaning of The Smoking and Vapour Control Act, and the regulations made under the Act and include a motor vehicle used for the public transportation of persons or property such as a bus, taxi, limousine or other vehicles for hire.

In recent conversations with the Government of Manitoba, we have confirmed that truck drivers are NOT required to wear masks while alone in the cab of their trucks, as these are not considered public spaces. When outside of the cab, the same rules apply to drivers as they do to the general public.