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2022 National Trucking Week

Join us as we celebrate the industry that keeps Canada moving! From driver appreciation barbecues to golf tournaments, let's celebrate Manitoba's trucking industry!


Class 1 (MELT) Instructor Preparation Course – 09/06/2022 to 09/21/2022

Manitoba Trucking Association 25 Bunting St., Winnipeg

This course is designed to teach Class 1 Instructor candidates on how to teach the Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) Curriculum developed by Manitoba Public Insurance. It also gives students training on classroom facilitation as well as coaching in cab. This course is one part of the requirements to become a Class 1 Driver Instructor in Manitoba. This course consists of 11 days in the classroom, as well as a road test.

Driver Appreciation Barbeque

Manitoba Trucking Association 25 Bunting St., Winnipeg

Mark your calendars for our Driver Appreciation Barbeque on September 8th! Location: Headingley & Emerson weigh scales Time: 10:00 a.m. to ~2:00 p.m.    Thanks to our sponsors, including: