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Hazard Identification & Risk Control – Introduction​

The purpose of hazard identification and risk control training is to provide employers, employees, workers and committee members/ Representatives with an understanding of:

Various methods of identifying hazards along with how to assess risk and implement methods to control risk, and how to develop safe work procedures.

The training is intended for employers, employees, workers and committee members/ Representatives who are:

  • Conducting job hazard analysis and risk assessments
  • Developing safe work procedures

The learning outcomes for this workshop are to explain how to create a critical job inventory, work through a job hazard analysis, the importance of documentation, how the hierarchy of controls works, the steps to take to create a safe work procedure and the importance of training and verification of understanding.

The learning objectives are laid out in this order for this workshop:

Lesson 1: Creating a Critical job Inventory list

Lesson 2: What are job hazards?

Lesson 3: Conducting job hazard analysis

Lesson 4: Using a risk matrix tool

Lesson 5: Recognizing the potential Injury

Lesson 6: Documentation

Lesson 7: Identify what control measures need to be put into place to reduce the risk

Lesson 8: Categorizing your critical job inventory

Lesson 9: Creating Safe work procedures

Lesson 10: Train and verify understanding of Safe work procedures

There are questions that you need to answer correctly placed periodically throughout this workshop to verify understanding. A final test will need to be passed to complete this workshop. The passing grade is 70%

Before you being, please print Activity 1 or save it another tab to use as a worksheet.

To get started, please click on Lesson 1 in the menu bar.

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