The committee-run structure of the MTA promotes the wide-ranging interests of this complex industry. Members are encouraged to become active in the Association’s many committees and programs.

The Safety Committee recommends to the Board of Directors, Association positions on safety initiatives such as the National Safety Code Standards, Transport Dangerous Goods, Driver Training, and awards programs. Meetings are held as required.

The Professional Truck Driving Championships Committee organizes the driving competition each spring. The combined talents of Carrier members and Associated Trades Division members are employed to oversee all aspects of the competition, from rules to track set-up to the awards banquet. Meetings are held as required, becoming more frequent from March to June.

The Scholarship Fund Committee evaluates applications for the scholarships provided annually by the MTA for employees and dependents of employees of member companies.

The Human Resources Committee was created to deal with a host of human resource issues, such as pay and employment equity, driver turnover and apprenticeship, many of which have unique issues, specific to our industry.

The Workers Compensation Committee deals with WCB policies and procedures which may affect our industry. Representatives from this committee also participate on the Employer’s Task Force on WCB as our industry’s representatives.

Special Committees are formed on an ad hoc basis to deal with specific issues, such as CAVR/IRP, MPI liaison, City/Provincial liaison, weights and dimensions, etc.

National Issues are dealt with under the auspices of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, a federation of the seven provincial Trucking Associations. The MTA has representatives on the CTA Board of Directors and the Policy Development Committee (PDC). The Policy Development Committee deals with such items as Labour, National Highway Policy, National Safety Code, Taxation and International issues such as Cabotage, Immigration and Single State Taxes. The PDC deliberates the various issues and makes the appropriate recommendations to the CTA Board of Directors. As well, Advisory Committees, comprised of representatives from various carrier members of the provincial associations, also deliberate and provide input on specific issues.