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Getting Back to Business

- by Susan Green

Do you remember what your priorities were in February, before COVID-19 became our main focus? At the Manitoba Trucking Association, we identified a few key projects at that time in our newsletter: some LCV program participants weren’t following the program requirements, the driver shortage, the upcoming ELD mandate, the Trucking Efficiency Program, and the Office of the Auditor General's report on commercial vehicle oversight.

When COVID-19 became a public health emergency in March, many of those items were pushed to the back-burner as we acted and reacted as quickly as we could to local, provincial, federal, and even international regulatory changes that impacted our industry. We sent out over fifty member notices at that time that were strictly related to COVID-19, as well as regular eBulletins and newsletters that covered COVID updates as well as other regulatory changes.

Now that the crisis is over and we have learned how to manage it better, we are able to return to our pre-pandemic priorities. Specifically, truck electrification, the Office of the Auditor General’s report from December, NSC audit reform, carrier profiles and safety rating reform, wide base tire policy, a weigh scale bypass program, plus a long list of other items now occupy our time. Of course, COVID-19 related issues continue to dominate many of our discussions, but we have returned to our advocacy work for the trucking industry in general, rather than being focused entirely on the imapcts of COVID-19 on the truckng industry.

Members with questions are encouraged to contact us. Non-members, if you want a say in the direction of Manitoba’s trucking industry, it’s time to join the Manitoba Trucking Association. Contact us at 204-632-6600.


FMCSA Emergency Declaration Extension and Modification

- by Susan Green

Please be advised that on June 8, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued an extension and changes to its emergency declaration 2020-002 that was issued on March 18. Industry members will recall that this declaration was issued to ensure the prioritization of freight related to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The extension and the changes it includes go into effect at 12:00 am Eastern Time on June 15, 2020 and remain in effect until 11:59 pm Eastern Time on July 14, 2020 or until the national emergency declared by the U.S. President is revoked.

Some of the provisions of the March 18 declaration have been changed. The shipment of several items is no longer covered under the extension. Members, please watch your upcoming member notice for further details.



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